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All members of the À l’école de la vue project team are very aware of the importance of good eyesight for young children before starting school and the critical role it plays in their ability to learn.

It is therefore with much enthusiasm and energy that they have joined this project to promote visual health in young children and foster their educational success.

The team is composed of:

Steeve Lachance, Executive Director, Eye Disease Foundation: General Director

Mona Boulet: Administrative Assistant

Marimiel Audet Johnston: Program Director

Daniel Pelletier: Director of Communications and Marketing

Hubert Brulotte: Regional Coordinator (Team 1)

David William Pelletier: Regional Coordinator (Team 2)

Isabelle Gosselin: Regional Coordinator (Team 3)

Marie-Ève Bouchard: Regional Coordinator (Team 4)

Marie-Chantal Troini: Regional Coordinator (Team 5)

Manon Labelle: Regional Coordinator (Team 6)

Mariève Légaré-Bédard: Regional Coordinator (Team 7)